A Long Lumbar Journey

Long Lumbar Pillow Cover by Quinsby

The concept behind creating a collection of long lumbar pillows began out of sheer desperation. No, really. Let me explain...

I loved the idea of having a single decorative pillow easily tossed on a bed to uniquely — and quickly — dress it up. After seeing similar ones in action at a few hotels I’ve stayed at, I quickly realized that it instantly made a bed look stylish — no matter how perfectly or imperfectly it was made. I could wait for housekeeping to come along and meticulously make the bed with perfectly crisp corners. Or I could  slap the “no service today” sign on the door and casually pull the sheets and duvet up and pile the sleeping pillows haphazardly atop it. Either way, as soon as I propped the long lumbar pillow on it, it instantly looked, well, “done.”

Thus began my journey of (read: obsession with) finding a long lumbar pillow of my own. I went to numerous stores and scoured the internet but I simply couldn’t find what I wanted. (I feel like we all at one point have that “I know what I want but I can’t find anyone who sells it” kind of dilemma, am I right?) Sure there were some out there to be had, but they just weren’t my style — they were either too girly, too boho, too tribal or too trendy. I couldn’t find ones that were a mixture of classic, sophisticated, chic and handsome. I’m a classic guy, and I like classic pillows. And if they’re a touch masculine, I’d appreciate it, thanks.

So, to make a long story longer, I figured I’d take matters into my own hands and design one (or two, or twenty) in a size that I thought was perfect and in fabrics that I love. And instead of keeping this masterpiece to myself, why not find a way to manufacture it, market it and sell it? I mean, if I was struggling so hard to find the long lumbar pillow of my dreams, maybe others are too!

And there we have it. A collection of long lumbar pillows that I personally think are pretty swell AND a new business venture.


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